how_we_do2What We Do

Environmental health programs run by the department include; permits for onsite subsurface sewage disposal systems, permits for public or private water supply wells, compliance inspections of food service establishments, rental housing, daycare facilities, and schools sanitation. A recreational bathing water quality monitoring program is also provided. Community nursing services are provided by contractual arrangement with Middlesex Hospital Homecare. Those services include maternal and infant care upon referral, physical exam and immunization for children up to age five through the well child clinic. Also provided are screenings for hypertension and elevated blood lead level, annual flu clinic, in-home nurse visitation, and other skilled nursing services by referral. Communicable disease reports are received and followed-up as necessary. Investigations of food-borne illness are undertaken to identify potential sources of contamination at food service establishments. Summary statistics are kept to monitor the community health status. Several Health Education/ Wellness Programs are provided. The department reviews all permit applications where necessary for public health code compliance, and acts directly, and as a partner with other organizations, to support public health strategic planning and program development.

The specific services provided by the District include septic system inspection and approval; well and water quality monitoring; food protection; lead investigations; radon prevention; public bathing area monitoring; and public health complaint investigations. The District also has a communicable disease control program for disease surveillance and outbreak investigation, and an expanding public health education program. Other public health functions conducted by the district include data collection, analysis, and health planning activities.